Gold 3,520.37/oz
Silver 45.80/oz
Platinum 1,560.63/oz
Palladium 1,460.01/oz

Live Gold price in Australia today!

Live Gold price in Australia today! 

Gold silver price per the world gold and silver spot price is updated by the minute here.  

Below is an extensive list of all gold bullion cast bars, gold minted bars, gold coins, silver bullion cast bars, silver minted bars, and silver coins. We buy and sell all domestic and international LBMA accredited bullion and coins. 

Whether they are ABC bullion, Perth Mint, PAMP, Royal Canadian Mint, or South African Mint, we have them all listed. 

For easy viewing, you can choose to view gold or silver price in Australian dollars that we sell for our payout for the precious metal type and filter them either by brand or weight. 

Price of Gold in Australian Dollar 

Price of Silver in Australian Dollar 

Price of Platinum in Australian Dollar