Gold 3,525.86/oz
Silver 44.67/oz
Platinum 1,455.29/oz
Palladium 1,351.82/oz
Price Update

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Trying to sell gold can be a hassle at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Gold Secure is here to offer a convenient way for you to sell gold bullion, jewellery, or coins.

Visit us today at GoldSecure to sell your gold and silver items or call us on (07) 4939 0239 to have a quick chat with us. We are Brisbane’s best gold buyers serving Brisbane and its surrounding areas. buy all types of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) in all forms and conditions and pay you cash at the spot or instant bank transfer that shows up in your account at the very moment you make the sale. 

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and best price for gold through our customer-centric approach with complete transparency and honesty. Our prices reflect the world’s gold spot price and we use the latest XRF technology to appraise your gold ensuring you maximise your gold payouts to the cent. 

Sell your gold and silver bullion cast bars, minted bars, coins, scrap, jewellery and receive the best price in the market. 

Live Prices

Gold (Au) Price : $3,525.86
Silver (Ag) Price : $44.67
Platinum (Ag) Price : $1,455.29
Palladium (Au) Price : $1,351.82
Live Prices Accurate as of 16th Jun 2024 @07:26am

No hidden fee's, commissions or other changes.

Bullion Bars

Trying to sell your gold bullion in Brisbane? Our cash-for-gold prices are guaranteed to be the most competitive in Brisbane, so you can always expect to get the best price for your gold bullion bars.

In bullion bars, we accept all brands and types of bullion. They can be non-accredited domestic bars such as PMT bars, Morris & Watson bars, or similar or they can be LBMA-accredited bars such as ABC bullion bars, Perth Mint bars, PAMP bars, Royal Canadian Mint bars, or similar. We also buy local gold and silver bullion bars from other countries or regions. 

You can drop in at our store any time located at Chermside across Westfield mall in North Brisbane without an appointment. You’ll also get an obligation-free appraisal where our gold appraisers will evaluate and give an exact value of the gold and silver bullion bars you have. We are pretty flexible with payment options. You can either get the entire amount of cash in hand through a cheque or get it deposited to your bank.

  • Sell gold bullion at the live spot price
  • Obligation-free quote
  • Instant cash in hand


Item List Live Payout Rates(Each)
1Kg Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 111,104.31
500g Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 55,546.40
10oz Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 34,550.00
250g Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 27,773.20
5oz Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 17,275.00
100g Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 11,109.28
50g Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 5,554.64
1oz Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 3,455.00
1/2oz Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 1,727.50
10g Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 1,110.93
5g Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 555.46
1g Gold Bullion Bars AU$ 111.09
Item List Live Payout Rates(Each)
1oz 999 Silver Bar AU$ 42.88
5oz 999 Silver Bar AU$ 214.42
10oz 999 Silver Bar AU$ 428.83
500g 999 Silver Bar AU$ 691.20
1kg 999 Silver Bar AU$ 1,378.65
100oz 999 Silver Bar AU$ 4,288.32
5kg 999 Silver Bar AU$ 6,821.43
Item List Live Payout Rates(Each)
1 oz Platinum Bullion Bars AU$ 1,303.21

Bullion Coins

Gold Secure is a trusted gold buyer in Brisbane, Australia. You can sell gold bullion coins to us at the current market rate; so you don’t have to go through the hassles of visiting numerous shops to get the best price. Plus, we buy any quantity of gold and silver bullion bars — from single pieces to hundreds of items.

In bullion coins, we accept all brands and types of coins. They can be non-accredited domestic coins or they can be LBMA-accredited coins such as ABC bullion coins, Perth Mint coins, PAMP coins, Royal Canadian Mint coins, or similar. We also buy local gold and silver coins from other countries or regions.  

We have a pretty discrete and hassle-free process to sell coins in Brisbane. We will weigh your gold bullion coins, test the quality and provide you with a quote in cash on the spot. Whether or not you want to proceed with the transaction after getting an estimate is entirely up to you.

  • No appointment needed
  • Obligation-free quote
  • Complete transaction in 15 minutes
Item List Live Payout Rates(Each)
1/20oz Gold Bullion Coins AU$ 172.75
1/10oz Gold Bullion Coins AU$ 345.50
1/4oz Gold Bullion Coins AU$ 863.19
1/2oz Gold Bullion Coins AU$ 1,727.50
1oz Gold Bullion Coins AU$ 3,455.00
2oz Gold Bullion Coins AU$ 6,910.00
1oz Kruggarand Gold Coins AU$ 3,278.53
Full Soverign Gold Coins AU$ 771.31
$200 Dollar Gold Coins AU$ 966.55
Item List Live Payout Rates(Each)
1/2oz Silver Bullion Coins AU$ 21.42
1oz Silver Bullion Coins AU$ 42.84
2oz Silver Bullion Coins AU$ 85.69
5oz Silver Bullion Coin AU$ 214.22
10oz Silver Bullion Coins AU$ 428.45
1Kg Silver Bullion Coins AU$ 1,377.40
1kg Pre 1946 Silver Coins AU$ 1,062.81
1kg Post 1946 Silver Coins AU$ 502.68
Item List Live Payout Rates(Each)

Scrap & Jewellery

Selling your unwanted and unused gold jewellery can be a good way to make money. But with gold prices constantly changing, it’s crucial that you get a fair price from a trustworthy gold dealer.

In jewellery, we buy gold chains, gold bangles, gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold rings to name a few. We also buy gold watches and nuggets of all shapes and sizes. You can walk into our store with scrap gold, unwanted or used gold, silver, platinum, and palladium regardless of the condition of your item and we will buy them at our advertised rates with no hidden charges and pay cash on the spot or do an instant bank transfer.  

We don’t have any hidden fees or charges; you only get what you see.

  • Any gold or silver scrap accepted
  • Secure & discreet transaction
  • No hidden charges


Item List Live Payout Rates Per Gram
24Kt Gold Item(99.99%) Pure AU$ 106.33
22Kt Gold Item(91.67%) Pure AU$ 97.59
21Kt Gold Item(87.5%) Pure AU$ 92.26
20Kt Gold Item(83.33%) Pure AU$ 87.86
18Kt Gold Item(75.00%) Pure AU$ 79.93
14Kt Gold Item(58.3%) Pure AU$ 62.12
10Kt Gold Item(41.67%) Pure AU$ 44.31
9Kt Gold Item(37.5%) Pure AU$ 39.96
8Kt Gold Item(33.3%) Pure AU$ 33.98
Item List Live Payout Rates Per Gram
99.9% Silver Items AU$ 1.15
92.5% Silver Items AU$ 1.06
90% Silver Items AU$ 1.04
80% Silver Items AU$ 0.92
50% Silver Items AU$ 0.54
40% Silver Items AU$ 0.44
32.5% Silver Items AU$ 0.35
Item List Live Payout Rates Per Gram
950 Platinum Items AU$ 35.56