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Titan Minerals Secures Land Access and Engages Drilling Services for Dynasty Gold Project in Ecuador

Titan Minerals Secures Land Access and Engages Drilling Services for Dynasty Gold Project in Ecuador

Titan Minerals, an Australian mining company listed on ASX as TTM and OTC as TTTNF, has achieved a significant milestone in its Dynasty Gold Project located in southern Ecuador. The company has successfully secured land access through agreements with the Yaraco and Lucarqui communities, allowing for the exploration and development of previously unexplored areas within the project.

The land access agreements cover highly prospective sections of the Dynasty Gold Project, unlocking substantial potential for mineral exploration. This development strengthens the company’s relationship with the local communities and paves the way for the expansion of the project’s exploration footprint.

According to Titan Minerals CEO Melanie Leighton, “Execution of land access agreements with the Lucarqui and Yaraco communities represents a significant milestone for the company, unlocking substantial areas of highly prospective land along the Dynasty 9-kilometre epithermal gold corridor.”

The Dynasty Gold Project currently boasts an existing resource inventory of 3.12 million ounces of gold and 22 million ounces of silver. With the new land access agreements in place, Titan Minerals is poised to expedite exploration activities in order to rapidly expand the gold resource on the tenure.

In addition to securing land access, Titan Minerals has also engaged the services of Kluane Drilling Ecuador S.A. for drilling activities at the Dynasty Gold Project. Rather than traditional cash payments, Titan Minerals will pay just over 15 million performance rights to Kluane Drilling Ecuador S.A. This alternative payment arrangement underscores the confidence that Titan Minerals has in the partnership with Kluane, as well as their track record of providing excellent service and professionalism in previous projects in southern Ecuador.

“We are very pleased to have partnered with Kluane and to have them as a Titan shareholder,” said Titan Minerals CEO Melanie Leighton. “Kluane has provided an excellent level of service and professionalism, with strong drilling performance across our projects in southern Ecuador over the past several years.”

The combination of securing land access and engaging Kluane Drilling Ecuador S.A. will undoubtedly accelerate the exploration and development of the Dynasty Gold Project. Titan Minerals is committed to maximising the project’s potential and further enhancing its position as a leading gold producer in Ecuador.

As Titan Minerals continues to expand its operations and unlock the mineral potential in southern Ecuador, the company remains dedicated to building strong relationships with local communities and implementing sustainable and responsible mining practices.