Gold 3,575.45/oz
Silver 45.86/oz
Platinum 1,570.87/oz
Palladium 1,492.59/oz

At the Bellevue gold project in WA, the first gold has been spilled

At the Bellevue gold project in WA, the first gold has been spilled
At the Bellevue gold project in WA, the first gold has been spilled

The Bellevue gold project in Western Australia has achieved a significant milestone as the first gold bar, weighing 8.3kg, was poured during the initial smelting process on October 25. The project has successfully achieved its production and cash flow targets within the planned timeline and budget.

During the startup operations over a six-day period, the crushing circuit operated at a rate of 250 tonnes per hour.

Managing Director of Bellevue, Darren Stralow, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement, stating, “The start of production marks the culmination of an incredible journey that began with an exploration project.

It is a remarkable feat to accomplish this milestone on time and within budget, especially considering the recent skills shortage and economic climate. I give credit to our construction and operations teams, as well as our contractors, who have worked tirelessly to deliver this project.”

Currently, the Bellevue project has entered the commissioning phase, and it is expected that plant throughput will gradually increase to reach consistent production levels. The underground ore has already achieved a throughput of 125 tonnes per hour, and there is an additional 85,000 tonnes of open pit material available for processing.

Bellevue has experienced a successful year at the project, with the Deacon area proving to be a significant contributor to the overall project’s lifespan.

Stralow emphasised the importance of the Deacon area, stating, “Deacon is one of the four early-stage mining areas within the project, providing us with maximum flexibility and diversification. The high grades and strong continuity of mineralization in this area further mitigate risks as we prepare for the first production in the upcoming quarter.”