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How to Sell Jewellery in Australia?

October 4, 2023

Have you recently upgraded your Jewellery collection and been left with unwanted pieces taking up space in your Jewellery box? Or perhaps you simply want to get some extra cash by selling unwanted jewellery. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself with Jewellery you no longer want, selling it can be a simple way to declutter and earn some money.

From classic solitaire diamond rings to tennis bracelets and designer necklaces, there are several options for getting the best value for your unwanted Jewellery items right here in Australia. This guide will walk you through the entire process of assessing your jewelry, finding reputable buyers, and selling your jewellery for the highest prices in Brisbane and beyond.

How to Get Top Cash From Selling Unwanted Jewellery in Australia?

Getting top dollars for your Jewellery essentially comes down to maximizing visibility to serious buyers and ensuring pieces are presented and priced properly. With over 30 years of experience appraising and reselling jewelry, Gold Secure in Brisbane has proven success in connecting sellers to buyers at prices well above what typical jewelers may offer. 

From their high-traffic retail storefront to their robust online presence, listing with Gold Secure practically guarantees the widest possible reach for your items. What’s more, with in-house gemologists and accredited valuators on staff, you can feel confident any pieces will be accurately graded and quoted at fair market prices reflective of current precious metal and gemstone values.

Examine the Type and Quality of Your Jewellery

Proper grading and valuation of Jewellery starts with understanding what you have to sell. Take an inventory of all your pieces, being sure to note key details like metal type, gemstone varieties used, and any identifying marks or hallmarks. Closely examine the condition of each item, looking for signs of wear, scratches, repairs or damage that could impact value. 

High-quality photos highlighting attributes like cut, clarity and carat weight of diamonds or gems can help accurately represent listings online. Whether evaluating precious metals, gold weights or gemstones, the experienced experts at Gold Secure are readily available to provide free assessments to itemize your Jewellery and give you a clear picture of what you can expect to receive for each piece when you sell.

Discover How Live Spot Prices Operate

In addition to traditional appraisal methods, Gold Secure leverages the innovative “live gold spot price” model to ensure sellers always receive market-based pricing on gold, silver and platinum bullion items. Unlike set premium structures used by other jewelers, live spot pricing automatically fluctuates daily according to minute-by-minute changes in global precious metal exchange rates.

This real-time approach eliminates worry over missing peak pricing windows – you can be confident your items will convert to cash at the most favorable values possible. Sellers further benefit from Gold Secure’s exceptional liquidity as a leading dealer, assuring fast payment issuance once sales are completed. By “selling to the source” Gold Secure clients gain transparency and optimal returns matched nowhere else in Brisbane.

Best Places to Sell Unwanted Jewellery in Brisbane

With so many options available, choosing where to sell your unwanted Jewellery is an important decision that impacts how much you’ll receive in the end. While pawn shops may offer quick cash, their lower premiums typically leave money on the table. National chains can work for simple transactions but often underutilize in-house expertise during appraisals. 

For serious consignments in Brisbane aiming to maximize financial returns, your top location choices are high-end independent jewellers like the Acme Jewellery Company as well as large bullion dealers similar to Gold Secure. Beyond appraisals, these reputable sellers bring wider audiences through established storefronts, paid listings, and active buyer networks for fine gold, silver, gemstones and more.

Gold jewellery in Australia: A stunning collection of exquisite gold jewellery, showcasing the rich craftsmanship of Bangalore.

Local Jewellery Stores Near You 

Local Jewellery stores can be a convenient option for selling unwanted pieces, as most major cities have multiple locations. However, it’s important to remember that as retail businesses, these shops need to factor operating expenses and desired profit margins into what they’ll offer. Unless an establishment has a long-standing reputation for fairness, like Gold Secure Jewellery, you may receive significantly less than the true worth of diamonds, precious gems or metals. Requesting detailed grading reports during store appraisals helps ensure quoted prices aren’t artificially low. 

On the flip side, sellers benefit from swifter turnaround times versus shipping items elsewhere. Just be sure to window shop prices from multiple stores and consider alternative sellers like Gold Secure to get the most value from your jewelry.

Pawnbrokers or Gold Dealers Near You

As major resellers of precious commodities, pawnbrokers and precious metal dealers can offer expedient sale solutions similar to local Jewellery stores. However, their business models prioritize quick turnarounds over maximal buyer pricing. Unless absolutely necessary, it’s usually preferable to pursue an appointment-based trader like Gold Secure which emphasizes fair treatment of sellers. 

With decades of experience driving consistent liquidity, Gold Secure consistently returns Better rates than most other Brisbane-based resellers across the board. Their luxury showroom ambiance also provides a pleasant selling environment compared to more transactional pawn shop counters. While nearby cash-for-gold options may seem simplest, deciding where to sell unwanted Jewellery deserves careful research to achieve top dollar returns.

Sell Your Jewellery Online

For the most extensive seller audiences, online platforms open global reach far beyond local options. Websites operating from America, Dubai and beyond allow uploading detailed Jewellery listings to tap huge numbers of international buyers. However, migrating physical items often requires upfront packaging and shipping fees that shrink net profits significantly unless high sale amounts are achieved. 

Digital photos may not accurately depict hard-to-capture features like gem clarity under 10x magnification either. When time allows, larger local sellers still deliver the best outcomes, as experienced buyers can personally examine every item for top-quality assured assessments and pricing at Gold Secure’s elegant showroom-style offices.

Gold jewelry on display in a store: A dazzling assortment of gleaming gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings showcased elegantly.

Selling Jewellery Process

The selling process at a reputable buyer like Gold Secure is streamlined for an easy client experience:

Make Your Research

To make an informed choice about where and how to sell unwanted jewellery, background research pays dividends. Read online reviews from past clients discussing service quality received at different vendors. Verify each establishment’s licensure, certifications and accreditations to ensure appropriate regulatory oversight. Understand what categories of items they buy versus consign, along with any selling restrictions that could impact eligibility. 

Most importantly, compare likely payout amounts quoted between sellers to make sure you choose the outlet most likely to yield top market rates. Only by spending time on due diligence upfront will you confidently know you’ve selected the ideal avenue for converting your pieces into optimal cash returns.

Get a Free Quote

Contacting sellers requesting preliminary quotes is advisable before making final decisions. A reputable company like Gold Secure offers complimentary preliminary price assessments by photos so you’ll know estimated returns upfront with no obligations. Send detailed pictures showcasing hallmarks, gemstones and precious metal alloys for fast, free indicative pricing delivered promptly via phone or email. 

This valuable estimation arms you with precise data weighing monetization prospects at different outlets in minutes. Once content with projections, the rest of the smooth gold and jewellery selling process becomes assured knowing you’re working with a trusted buyer proven to follow through with the highest prices guaranteed.

Preparing Your Jewelry

To sell Jewellery successfully at the targeted maximum prices, it must be optimally presented. Thoroughly clean items to restore sparkle using a soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water. Inspect closely under magnification for hard-to-see flaws and have any important repairs done professionally. Well-lit, sharply focused photographs taken against a neutral backdrop best showcase charm, sparkle and details appreciated by online buyers worldwide. 

Consider adding close-up images highlighting attributes particularly noteworthy like engraving. Make sure any diamonds, gems or hallmarks are legible if selling online. Well-prepared Jewellery fetches the best returns whether through in-person assessment at Gold Secure or their online portal used globally.

Choose a Buyer

Once you’re armed with multiple preliminary quotes, compare return rates to pick the best outcome. Consider factors like payment speed, seller credibility spanning decades in the industry, and feedback from past clients. Optimal selection assures proceeds higher than any alternative by a wide margin. With track records proving rigorous and professional standards applied consistently across transactions large and small, Gold Secure fits the profile of the ideal buyer every time.

Sell & Get Cash!

Contacting selected buyers starts the process culminating in funds safely in hand. Schedule an initial free assessment with Gold Secure by phone or visit their Brisbane showroom at your convenience to discuss business further. Once your transaction is completed and items sold, get paid immediately by direct deposit or next-day bank cheque. Their approach removes stress of drawn-out waiting periods plaguing other outlets.

Tips For Jewellery Selling Success

  • Do thorough research to compare prices buyers offer. Ask family/friends for referrals to trusted vendors.
  • Present items in TRUE likeness – avoid subpar photos that undersell quality. Seek professional grading if needed to verify value.
  • Understand market fluctuations impact price-time sales optimally. Watch trusted sources like Gold Secure’s Spot Value Chart for pricing trends.
  • Request paperwork confirming value (certs, grading reports) that back up assumed worth. Have repairs assessed by an accredited jeweler.
  • Know your rights – deal only with licensed entities like Gold Secure assuring regulated transactions and recourse options.
  • Negotiate confidently if needed by highlighting comparable market pricing recently sold amounts. Compromise when reasonable to complete the sale


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