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Where and How To Store Gold and Silver?

November 23, 2023

For over 30 years, Gold Secure has helped Brisbane residents securely understand how to store gold. As one of the most trusted gold dealers in the region, we understand the importance of where and how to store gold bullion properly in Australia. This guide will outline the best way to store gold and silver explaining all the storage options.

Gold Storage Options

There are several Gold Storage Options for those wanting to securely store their precious metals can consider. Chief among them are Home Storage, Bank vaults, and utilizing a Professional Gold Dealer

Gold Home Storage

Home Storage is a store gold option some choose for the convenience and privacy it provides. However, it is generally not advisable except for small gold and silver holdings due to security risks. While storing physical gold or gold bars at home allows for quick access, it also puts your precious metals directly in harm’s way should an unwelcome visitor come calling. Unless you have very sophisticated security systems and the gold is properly hidden or stored away from prying eyes, a home setup may not be the best store gold solution, especially for larger portfolios.

Bank vaults

Bank vaults provide a safer environment for those seeking secure gold storage options compared to keeping assets at home. Most financial institutions allow clients to store gold coins, gold bars, and other precious metal holdings in their highly secure on-site or underground vaults. This alleviates security concerns as only authorized bank personnel have direct access to the vault areas. Also, some insurance protections may apply. 

However, not all banks cater specifically to gold and silver custodial services. Choosing a bank that regularly handles precious metal storage could help ensure proper handling and convenience when it comes time to access or transact your stored physical gold.

Gold vault door open revealing stacks of gold bars

Professional Gold Dealers

Professional Gold Dealers like Gold Secure offer the most secure option when researching where to store gold locations and methods. As experts solely focused on precious metals, secure storage is part of our core business alongside buying and selling gold. Our professional-grade and insured vaults are monitored 24/7 with cutting-edge security systems and protocols. 

Moreover, we provide ease of access for clients who need to periodically buy or sell portions of their stored gold bullion, coins, or bars. With over three decades of serving Brisbane investors, our storage services ensure peace of mind no matter the scope of one’s gold and silver portfolio or needs.

Factors to Consider

Of course, choosing the right method depends on assessing key security, environmental, and practical factors. Top of mind should be the storage location’s resistance to modern threats like cutting-edge access monitoring and locks, fireproof construction, and military-grade barricades against potential outside dangers.


Security is the most important facet to examine when deciding how and where to store gold. This is your valuable investment asset after all, so it deserves military-grade protection against all external threats. Gold Secure’s vaults have floor-to-ceiling barriers, razor wire-topped fences, and other intimidating deterrents visible from the outside. 

However, the real strength comes from our underground facility’s bomb-resistant construction, biometric authentication protocols at every entrance, and 24/7/365 armed-guard patrols on the premises.

Earth with dollar coin and water on blue background. Symbolizes gold impact on the environment.

Environmental Conditions

No less crucial than security is ensuring one’s stored precious metals remain in pristine condition regardless of the passage of time. Harsh surroundings can potentially damage gold coins, bars and other bullion if not properly cared for. At Gold Secure, our underground vaults maintain strict temperature and humidity controls to preserve the integrity and value of each client’s investment holding. Air filtration and circulation work continuously to optimize an atmosphere safe from unwanted contaminants as well. 

Vigilant staff also routinely assess our facilities and individual storage compartments for any issues that could compromise the wonderful shimmer customers have expected from pure gold over many years. It’s a testament to the care and expertise we bring to each aspect of our clients’ stored gold security and storage needs.

Protection from Damage

Proper care is taken to avoid any accidental harm that could come to valuable gold bullion while in storage. At their home or other public facility, one’s gold coins and bars face risks like scratches or nicks during handling each time transactions occur. Gold Secure employs only smooth, protective casing and padding inside customized compartments to protect against this kind of physical damage. Strategically placed security cameras also mean staff perform check-ins remotely without ever needing direct access to customer gold.

Ease of Access

For investors needing access to their gold savings on occasion, ease of doing so is an important consideration. Gold stored in one’s home requires collecting needed coins, bars or other pieces from wherever they are hidden each time a transaction is initiated. Bank vaults usually involve scheduling an appointment for retrieval, contingent on staff availability. At Gold Secure, our digital client portal allows the monitoring of bullion holdings

Tips For The Best Gold Storage

  • Ensure the storage location has strong physical barriers like vault doors, security fences, and restricted access areas
  • Choose a facility with state-of-the-art electronic surveillance like cameras, alarms, and tracking systems
  • Look for storage options located underground or in reinforced buildings to protect against natural disasters and threats
  • Confirm strict protocols are in place governing employee authentication and oversight within restricted areas
  • Verify environmental controls keep conditions optimal to prevent the degradation of gold over long periods
  • Inquire about optional insurance provisions in case of unforeseen damage or theft
  • Consider storage providers that specialize solely in precious metals versus general safety deposit services
  • Check for convenient features like remote account access and quick transaction turnaround
  • Ask about security audits and maintenance routines to ensure continuous protection improvement
  • Make sure any fees are clearly disclosed upfront and provide fair value over the long term


In conclusion, properly storing gold requires evaluating multiple key factors to determine the optimal method given one’s individual needs, budget and security priorities. While keeping assets at home avoids storage fees, it also puts your investment at far greater risk. Bank vaults provide more professional security however access hurdles exist and serving gold may not be their specialty. 

Professional gold depositories like Gold Secure are purpose-built to address all important considerations through expert staff, military-grade underground locations, convenient features and transparent customer service over the long haul.


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