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Beginner’s Guide on How To Sell Silver in Australia

February 7, 2024

If you have silver bars and need guidance on how to sell your silver bars or options for selling silver in Australia, this guide provides a thorough overview. We will explain different considerations and processes for selling silver, including forms of silver that can be sold, and all the important factors to reflect on before selling

Overview Of the Silver Market in Australia for 2024

Silver prices in Australia and the outlook for the market in 2024 provide helpful context when planning a sale. In 2023, Australia saw modest gains in silver prices from $22 to around $24 per ounce amid broader economic instability.

Heading into 2024, most market analysts project silver prices in Australia to increase to an average of $26-$28 per ounce as inflation persists.

Improving prices internationally bodes well for those looking to sell silver through 2024. By keeping up to date on the latest forecasts for silver rates in Australia, sellers can better time their transactions for optimal value when selling silver.

how to sell my silver bars

What Forms of Silver You Can Sell?

Several common forms of physical silver are available for sale to buyers in Australia. Bullion such as silver bars is a popular option. Understanding these various silver options provides flexibility and opportunities for getting the best value.

Silver Bullion

Bullion such as silver bars is a straightforward choice when looking to sell silver in Australia. Silver bars maintain their worth through guaranteed silver content and are easily resold by buyers. Whether in kilogram coins or branded bars from respected refineries like Perth Mint silver bullion or Johnson Matthey, selling silver bullion allows owners clarity on weights and purity that buyers rely on.

Silver Coins

Silver coins emerge as another highly saleable medium. Popular government-minted silver coins like American Eagles or Australian Kookaburras retain collector demand due to their limited mintage and legal tender status.

For selling silver, these coins maintain appraised values making resale prices predictable. Additionally, vintage silver coins provide an opportunity for discovery.

Silver Jewellery

Precious silver jewellery can also potentially be sold to buyers in Australia. Pieces like necklaces, bracelets and rings crafted from sterling or .925 fine silver maintain value connected to the metal weight.

However, assessing unique jewellery involves balancing sentiment versus resale potential. Pieces with higher purity levels, popular hallmarks and design details attain premium prices.

Scrap Silver

Scrap silver items with little numismatic or bullion value still offer an option for selling silver in Australia. Broken or damaged silverware, outdated tableware and recycled sterling can all be sold based on their fine silver content by weight.

While prices paid for scrap will vary more than for coins or bars, testing assists accurate assessment. Using digital or acid-based testing kits empowers sellers to present purity when inquiring about scrap buy prices from dealers or buyers.

Things To Consider Before Selling Silver

There are certain factors to account for before selling silver that help ensure a smooth transaction process and optimal returns. Understanding factors is worthwhile to ultimately profit from one’s silver assets.

how to cash in silver bars

Choosing the Right Buyer

With considerations like pricing, payment and trustworthiness in mind, weighing buyer options rationally maintains a pleasurable selling experience. Finding a high-volume retailer with proven market knowledge offers peace of mind in negotiated deals. Alternatively, smaller individual buyers are present. 

Researching both local shop reputations alongside online seller reviews aids in selecting those dependable for fair trades focused on mutual benefit above immediate profits alone. Gauging a buyer’s familiarity with servicing various sale types, like silver bars, further streamlines any given transaction. 

Preparing Your Silver for Sale

To presentation for selling, readying one’s silver items optimises first impressions and price potential. A thorough cleaning removes tarnish and grime to truly showcase the piece’s condition and details. Removing any attached uncertified stones or engravings returns focus to the silver’s core value. Weighing and measuring items verifies description accuracy when requesting quotes. 

For coins and bars, clear protective capsules show both fronts flawlessly without risking fingerprints. Organising similar products together and inventorying quantities streamlines quoting and buying processes. High-quality photos depicting all applicable sides under natural lighting permit buyers to assess fairly without physical handling up front.

Negotiating and Completing the Sale

Once a trusted buyer has been selected and is interested in the pieces, negotiating toward an agreeable transaction may require diligence and flexibility. Comparing offered pricing to recent comps helps identify fair value areas while considering alternative settlement options beyond cash, like payment in other precious metals. 

Honest, factual discussions recognizing each side’s perspectives often result in mutually beneficial terms. Precise documentation of weights, items, and payment details preceded by legal identification verification forms the basis of reliable conduct. Online sales safely utilize secured third-party platforms or escrow as needed. 

Where Can You Sell Silver in Australia?

When considering the most direct and trusted avenue for silver sales in Australia, Gold Secure stands out as a top choice. As one of the largest precious metals dealers in the country, Gold Secure makes it effortless to liquidate silver online or through its network of retail stores. 

With over 20 years of helping Australians sell gold and silver, they have the infrastructure to deliver fast payment and industry-leading service. Sellers feel assured knowing Gold Secure will offer maximum value and security due to protection policies. 

Final Words

In wrapping up, this content has aimed to equip those seeking how to sell my silver bars or other forms of bullion and coins with important insights for achieving rewarding results. By understanding available saleable silver products and factors like condition, market variables and buyer vetting, sellers feel empowered to navigate the process smoothly.


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