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The Largest Gold Nuggets Ever Found

December 18, 2023

The discovery of large chunks of gold is the stuff of legends, capturing imaginations around the world. Throughout history, prospectors have unearthed the largest gold nuggets ever found of extraordinary size, stumbling upon small fortunes with every strike of the pickaxe.

However, only a select few can claim to have found true behemoths that ranked among the biggest gold nuggets ever found. This article will delve into the astonishing tales behind the top five most massive chunks of gold ever confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Welcome Stranger Gold Nugget

The undisputed record holder for the largest gold nugget ever found is the famed “Welcome Stranger”. Unearthed in Australia’s Victoria goldfields back in 1869, it weighed a phenomenal 158 pounds or 72 kilograms before being cut and polished down.

This truly massive mass of solid gold was discovered by prospectors John Deason and James Costello. When found, it was described as being over 50cm long and 30cm wide. Even after cutting, it remained the largest gold nugget at 86 pounds. Its sheer size meant it set many records that still stand today.

The Welcome Nugget: Second Largest Chunk of Gold

While no other nugget has surpassed the colossal size of the Welcome Stranger, the second most substantial chunk of gold nugget discovery was another Australian find unearthed in Queensland in 1980. Dubbed the “Welcome Nugget”, it weighed in at 55 pounds or 25 kilograms, making it the second largest chunk of gold ever found.

Like the Welcome Stranger, it too was found by a prospecting duo, Les and Barry Lace. Initially assuming it was a rock, they smashed it open to reveal the glittering gold beneath. Its size and purity made it an extremely valuable find, though it doesn’t surpass the status of the record-breaking Welcome Stranger.

Pepita Canaã: Third Biggest Gold Nugget on Record

The third largest gold nugget ever found was unearthed in Brazil in the 1980s and named “Pepita Canaã”. Estimated to weigh over 40 pounds (over 18kg), it was nearly the size of a football. Unlike most gold nuggets, however, it was not discovered by prospecting but rather amidst displaced materials from hydraulic mining operations.

While its exact size is unknown due to damages incurred in extraction, metallurgical analysis confirmed it as at least 92.5% pure gold and it became the richest gold discovery in the history of Brazil up to that point. An impressive addition to the biggest gold nuggets ever uncovered worldwide.

The Great Triangle: An Unusually Shaped Nugget

While size ranks amongst the most impressive gold nugget attributes, unusual shapes can also attract attention. One such oddity was a 17th-century Mexican nugget formation dubbed “The Great Triangle”.

Estimated to weigh over 33 pounds, its name is derived from its geometrically perfect triangular prism shape – a decidedly atypical and striking find amongst more commonly amorphous nugget shapes.

Though an accurate accounting of its size and details is limited due to the centuries since its discovery, its odd triangular prism formation certainly stands out from the typical rounded or fragmented shapes more commonly unearthed. An unusually fascinating addition to history’s most unique and large gold nugget specimens.

The Hand of Faith: A Nugget Resembling An Organic Shape

Discovered in Australia in 1980, one gold nugget discovery was given the name “The Hand of Faith” for its distinctly anthropic form resembling an open hand. Estimated at 22 pounds, its five natural protruding extremities and rounded central shape were organically embellished to appear like finger-like extensions and a palm.

While not amongst the heaviest on record, its uniquely lifelike contours mimicking organic form set it apart. The intricate natural patterns warranted its biblical name implying destiny. An extraordinary addition to the annals of nature’s uniquely sculpted gold nugget creations found throughout mining history.


In closing, we’ve highlighted some of the most peculiarly shaped and largest chunks of gold found throughout history. From record-holding behemoths like the Welcome Stranger to the geologically mysterious The Hand of Faith – nature has shown remarkable artistry over time. However, there are still many other notable honourable mentions that deserve recognition for their unique qualities and contributions to mining heritage.

One such example is the Griffin Hoard nugget cluster weighing over 300 pounds, unearthed in Australia. Another is the Botallack Block weighing 15 pounds but containing over 250 smaller nuggets fused within, discovered in Cornwall, England. We also can’t forget the eerily human-featured California Jubilee specimen thought to resemble Abraham Lincoln.

While certain specifics may be lost to the ages, these glimpses into history’s most peculiar gold nuggets exemplify the allure of discovery and the diversity of forms Earth’s processes can sculpt.


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